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Safe Treats

Baby food is a great, safe treat for your hedgehog! Make sure, when buying baby food, you avoid the foods labeled as “meal” varieties that contain pasta or rice. 

Insects are a must have. The list of safe insects is very long but the most important thing to remember: Dried insects are more like junk food and not as healthy.

Dubia roaches are the absolute healthiest. They provide a plethora of nutrients, they do not constipate and your hedgehog can eat as many as it’s little tummy desires!

Unseasoned, cooked meat is an excellent source of protein for your hedgehog, try to stick with beef, pork, turkey or chicken.

Unseasoned, cooked eggs are an absolute favorite as well as an excellent source of protein.



* Apples

* Bananas

* Watermelons

* Cantaloupes

* Mangos

* Peaches

* Nectarines

* Plums

* Pears

* Cherries

* Strawberries

* Blueberries

* Blackberries

* Raspberries


* Carrots

* Sweet Potatoes

* Pumpkins

* Squash

* Bell Peppers

* Asparagus

* Green Beans

* Cucumbers

* Spinach

* Zucchini

* Broccoli

* Dandelion Greens ( cooked or finely diced )

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