Hibernation attempts don't have to be Scary!

If you are worried your hedgehog is attempting to hibernate immediately put the hedgehog against your bare skin to safely warm him/her. 

Signs of Hibernation


* Hedgehog's belly is cool to the touch.

* Hedgehog is inactive.

* Hedgehog is sluggish or " out

of it ".

* Refuses to come out of his/her ball.

* Wobbly while walking or very slow while walking.

* Loss of appetite. This could be a decrease or total loss of appetite. 

Act Fast!

Warm up your hedgehog slowly! The safest way to quickly warm your hedgehog is skin to skin contact. Place the hedgehog on your bare chest or stomach, place a blanket over you and your hedgehog then turn on a movie. Warming your hedgehog could take a long time and patience is required. Warming up your hedgehog too fast is just as fatal as hibernation. Never put your hedgehog under warm water, never place your hedgehog in font of a space heater, and never put your hedgehog back into his/her habitat until the hedgehog is completely back to normal.

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