Hedgehog Food

DO NOT feed low fat food to any age hedgehog for ANY reason, even if it is an overweight hedgehog!

Hedgehogs are classified as insectivores since they primarily eat bugs and worms in the wild. In captivity the main part of their diet should be a top quality, dry cat food ( dry food helps to keep their gums and teeth healthy ).

The diet you choose to feed your hedgehog is extremely important! An improper diet can lead to an early death, health problems such as fatty liver disease, kidney damage, or improper calcium intake causing weak and frail bones ( metabolic bone disease ). A hedgehogs main diet should consist of a high quality cat food with more then one protein source.


There are many quality cat foods you may use, always read the labels. You are looking for a real meat ( not a “meal” or “by-product” ) as the first ingredient, corn should not be in the top two ingredients and you want grain free. The protein should be below 38% but not less than 34%, the fat should be between 12% and 15%

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