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Heat Requirements

Hedgehogs need a safe and controlled environment. It is your responsibility to provide that environment for them.

All heating methods have a fire risk. We ask that you follow the manufacture’s instructions, safety warnings and practice common sense.

Thermometer: It is of the utmost importance that you keep your hedgehog’s ambient* temperature between 75F - 80F.

* Ambient Air: All the air in the habitat, not just one isolated area.

Space Heaters are our preferred and recommended way to control your hedgehog’s temperature. We prefer this for a few reasons: space heaters do not fail often, fire hazard is minimal, heats the entire area and precise temperature control.

CHE Lamps. Ceramic Heat Emitter ( CHE ) bulbs produce heat, NO VISIBLE LIGHT, to an isolated area. This is a popular option and one we do not recommend. CHE bulbs are a greater fire hazard, commonly fail without warning and only heat an isolated area.

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