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Environment and Toys

Hedgehogs require a lot of mental stimulation to keep them at their peak happiness! Furniture and toys are a great way to provide this.

  • ​​Wheel: A wheel is not an option, it is an absolute necessity for hedgehogs!                 Wheels need to be a minimum of 12” in diameter. The safest wheel for your hedgehog is a bucket wheel, easily made after a quick trip to a hardware store. Kaytee Silent Spinners are very dangerous wheels, A Kaytee COMFORT wheel is safe.

  • Hiding Place: This can be as simple as a handmade pouch or an old shoebox with a hole cut in one end.

  • Litter Box *: A shallow tray that is 2” - 3” deep, low enough to allow your hedgehog to climb in with ease. Two popular litter options are Carefresh bedding and recycled beddings.

Hedgehogs MAY use a litter box if one is provided.

  • Dig Box: This can be as simple as a box filled with fleece strips or a corner of the cage without a box. The best fillers are craft poms ( Minimum of 1” in diameter ), baby-safe bath toys, pong balls, etc. 

  • Tunnels: PVC makes an excellent choice for tunnels.

  • Cat Toys: A great supply of toys in this section! Crinkle balls, rainbow balls, mint sticks, catnip toys. 

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