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Common Health Issues

The most common health issues seen in pet hedgehogs include: Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome ( WHS ), obesity, dental disease ( including tooth rot abscesses ), mites and cancer. For these reasons, it is extremely important to have a local exotic veterinarian.

What is Wobbly Hog Syndrome?

Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome ( WHS ) is a progressive degenerative neurological disease of African and European hedgehogs sometimes referred to as progressive paresis/paralysis. It slowly degrades the animal’s muscle control perhaps similar to that of Multiple Scoliosis ( MS ) in humans.

What are the signs of WHS?

*Quoted from Wiki*

“The disease slowly degrades the hedgehog’s muscle control. This first appears as a wobble while the hedgehog is attempting to stand still. Over time, the hedgehog will lose all control of all muscles from the rear of its body to the front. A tentative diagnosis can be based purely on the clinical signs, but DEFINITIVE DIAGNOSIS is only possible from post-mortem examination of spinal cord and brain tissues. "

I can not say this enough, please remember that WHS DOES NOT come on suddenly.

It is not even possible for WHS to come on suddenly. It is a long developing, disease that can ONLY be diagnosed with a Necropsy after your hedgehog has passed away.

If a vet diagnoses your hedgehog with WHS, while it is still alive, YOU NEED A NEW VET.

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